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We Take Trust Seriously

ELA is a licensed financial services provider.
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Tailor-made Services
crypto arbitrage strategy
Highly Transparent Solutions
crypto arbitrage strategy
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Low-Risk Returns Through Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Make money from the price differences of different cryptocurrencies.
Safe arbitrage crypto trading

Financial Services for a New Investment World

ELA offers a vast range of financial services that are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of its diverse client base.
Offering bespoke trading solutions, ELA's investment experts ensure customers can invest in accordance with their goals without concern of missing out on the potential gains available in the modern investment landscape.
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Optimise Your Offshore Investment Allowance

Tax-compliant South Africans can use their R10 million yearly offshore investment allowance to generate low-risk returns.
Take a look at our returns calculator to see what profit our low-risk arbitrage strategy could provide for you.
Safe arbitrage crypto trading

A Word From Our Clients

“Finally I was able to find a low-risk solution for entering into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. I've benefitted from ELA's expertise.”
Thediso Khumalo
ELA Artbitrage Investor
“I've always valued ELA's transparency with how they conduct my investments. I'm happy that I got introduced to them.”
Angela Herald
ELA Investor
“My initial R100k investment has performed well and I've just taken the decision to increase my offshore investment allocation to ELA.”
Zeyad Hendricks
ELA Artbitrage Investor
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Fully Compliant & Licensed

ELA aims to deliver bespoke trading and investment solutions to a vast client base of both corporate clients and individuals.
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Ready to take the next step?

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Our Brands

ELA Asset Management partners with leading financial services firms to ensure our service offerings remain competitive and streamlined.
Wealthface. Leading financial services firm.Croudprop. ELA Asset Management partner. Financial services. BitWealth. Asset Management. Competitive.